Who we are

Tobias School of Art and Therapy was established in 1979. Our signature programme is the well-respected, professional training in Transpersonal Arts in Therapy.

Year 1 of our 3 year training (Level 5 – ACGI Award) will provide students with art and facilitation skills necessary to enable them to lead art workshops to the general public and within Arts for Health settings as an Arts Facilitator.

Year 2 and 3 of the training (Level 7 – MCGI Masters Level Award) offers students a practical, artistic and therapeutic learning journey, providing the necessary skills, knowledge, theoretical understanding and practical competencies for a successful career as a Transpersonal Arts Counsellor

The orientation of the School is based on Rudolf Steiner’s work known as Anthroposophy, a modern spiritual path that respects the freedom of each individual, through a holistic understanding of body, soul and spirit. This is taught within a critical context including Psychodynamic and Humanistic theory and practice.

The training offers distinctive curricula that unite a broad range of artistic, theoretical and experiential approaches into a whole journey. We believe art works through the human being’s faculties to free and harmonise the dynamics of body and soul.

Our classes foster a warm, supportive learning environment, along with close mentoring and assessment of student’s progress.

Progression throughout the training is by continual assessment.

Our graduates have embarked on fulfilling careers within various sectors and institutions including mainstream and special needs schools, clinics, hospitals and private practice.

Our campus consists of several well-equipped studios, a library, reception, some student accommodation rooms and an administrative block all set within beautiful grounds. The School boasts an international range of highly qualified teachers, enabling its students to thrive in a culturally rich environment where difference and diversity are valued.

We are delighted to have a worldwide student community that stimulates an environment respecting cultural sensitivity and awareness of difference. Our community has students from all over Europe such as: Italy, France, Germany and Spain. Some come from the United States of America, Brazil, South Africa and from even as far as Australia, Korea and Japan. More recently we have had students from Saudi Arabia, Russia, Peru, Israel and Lebanon.



For more information about Tobias or any courses, please get in touch by emailing info@tobiasart.org.