Our Vision & Mission

Vision and Values

Tobias Open Day. 25th May 2017

Tobias School of Art & Therapy is an independent charity offering courses in Arts for Health and Wellbeing and Arts in Therapy. Established in 1979 we have a long history of teaching excellence in providing professional trainings.

Our programme develops the artist’s awareness of the transformative power of artistic processes. Ours is an understanding that natural, organic processes are filled with spiritual wisdom.

The programme’s focus is on deepening the student’s proficiency in engaging with processes through art and the human encounter for healing, personal growth and social change. Counselling is developed as an art, the conscious art of transformative meeting.

The shared orientation of the programme at Tobias is the developmental philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner, known as Anthroposophy, a modern spiritual path that respects the freedom of each individual, through a holistic understanding of body, soul and spirit.

Students are invited to explore this approach in order to come to their own judgements about its validity and relevance. This is taught within a critical context including Psychodynamic and Humanistic theory and practice.

Our training offers distinctive curricula that unites a broad range of artistic, theoretical and experiential approaches into a whole journey. We believe art works through the human being’s senses to free and harmonise the dynamics of body, soul and spirit.


Who was Rudolf Steiner?

Dr Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) born in 1861 in what is now Croatia, studied natural science, incorporating the philosophy of JW Goethe (1749-1832) in Vienna and soon became a respected thinker. He called the results of his work Anthroposophy – a term derived from two Greek words Anthropos and Sophia, which means man and wisdom.

Anthroposophy is a modern spiritual path that cherishes and respects the freedom of each individual. Its fundamental basis is to understand human beings through three dimensions of Physical body, Soul and Spirit.

For Steiner, Anthroposophy was the path that could ‘lead the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual in the universe’. Rudolf Steiner’s vision of Art, as with all forms of human expression, is that it should be a reflection of the human being’s experience of the divine.


For more information about Tobias or any courses, please get in touch by emailing info@tobiasart.org.