Transpersonal Arts for Health & Wellbeing – (full time)





What is Health and Wellbeing?

Creative activity is known to effect health and quality of life. The arts, creativity and the imagination help stimulate resilience, aid recovery and foster wellbeing.

The creative arts help us make sense of our ourselves, making room for our heart and soul to be heard. They inspire engagement with the natural world, helping us to keep learning and connecting with one another.

We are holistic in approach and believe that the arts enable us to see and value the whole person, rather than the illness or symptom. We believe the arts contribute to supporting and empowering people in a personal and humane way.


Why Choose Tobias?

This is a one year course and can be taken independently and is accredited at Level 5 with City & Guilds – the ACGI Award. It offers a complete learning experience in its own right, however, it also leads on to the Level 7  Masters  Equivalent Training in Transpersonal Arts in Therapy.

The most fascinating aspect of this course is the gradual and surprising discovery of the sources of health in the worlds near and far from nature to the stars… . The course aims to promote the development of artistic skills and aesthetic awareness in such a way that artistic processes become gateways into nature’s life-giving secrets. Through the re-imagination of a living cosmos we challenge the one-sided notions of an inanimate universe. We entertain the companionship of the plant and animal world, of the earth, air, fire and water as we work with artistic media that are imbued with the qualities of the elements, e.g. watercolour, pastels, natural pigments, charcoal, clay, stone, etc.


Where Can I Work?

This qualification enables you to run art groups in health and social contexts, with the aim of promoting wellness. Students have gone on to work in hospices, with women’s groups, with children, special needs, mental health, the elderly and many other social settings.

It is also the first year of our Level 7 (Masters Equivalent) Transpersonal Arts in Therapy training



The student is trained in visual arts and able to make proficient use of artistic techniques, exercises and different materials. The student will learn to observe the effects of the art medium with sensitivity and empathy within their own artwork preparing them for the working environment



The student is trained in Visual Arts and is able to make proficient use of artistic techniques, exercises and materials in artistic coaching programmes.  The student can adapt their artistic interventions to the artistic actions of their client groups. Students observe the effects of the art medium precisely yet with empathy and sensitivity, also as these present themselves in the client’s work.


Competency Elements:

Proficiency in artistic skills;
Knowledge of art history and receptivity to artistic inspiration;
Ability to impartially experience, accurately observe and inter-subjectively describe the art medium;
Ability to impartially experience, accurately observe and describe the artistic work of others;
Recognising the significance of image;
Applying artistic techniques in order to express a personal theme in images and place it in a developmental perspective;
Reflecting on the artistic process;
Fine-tuning artistic actions to client or client group.




Knowledge is developed through:

Experiential Therapeutic Exercises (Experience of Art and Creativity)
Simulated practice


Intellectual Skills are developed through:

Written Assignments
Experiential group and exercises
Group Discussion
Journal Writing


Practical Skills are developed by:

Arts in Therapy role play
Experiential exercises
Proficiency in artistic skills
Recognise the significance of image elements in artistic works
Reflecting on the Artistic Process
Ability to use the Goethean Phenomenological research method




Completion of our application form and necessary documentation if not already done for first year.

A brief biography that outlines your historical relationship with art and your interest in helping others (Approximately 500 words.)

Two references are requested – one academic and one professional. See form in application pack.

You are encouraged to attend an interview preferably in person but we are able to do it via Skype or telephone.

Have evidence of a good command of written and spoken English.

Where English is not your first language you should have achieved an overall score of 6.5 in IELTS or at level B2 on the new European Levels Grid.

Candidates will require a first degree. Where no first degree has been obtained life experience may be taken into consideration.

Candidates will be expected to provide a CV showing any experience of relevant working experience in an appropriate field such as education, health care or social services.

Maturity and life experience are needed for this training and therefore the minimum entry age is 24 years old.

In compliance with the terms of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, 1974, and mental health legislation for clinical placement and other similar areas of employment, applicants are required to provide a medical report and submit to an enhanced criminal record check when commencing placement.

Candidates will be expected to provide evidence of previous experience of at least one year of relevant working experience in an appropriate field such as education, health or social care.


At interview Candidates are assessed on:

Emotional Robustness

Capacity to remain open to differences and compassion for self and others.

Candidates will be expected to produce a folio of their recent artwork as evidence of engagement with the arts and the presence of a developing visual language.









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