What Former Students Say

The Tobias Community is a multi cultural, multi-lingual family of students.
Here is what some of them have to say about their time at Tobias:

Adva Drori (Israel)
I feel very grateful for having had the privilege of studying at Tobias, a wonderful and serious institution, and for the possibility of specialising in anthroposophic frameworks during my studies there. I am grateful even more for the privilege of working the field of art therapy and thus helping so many children.
Since my return to Israel, with the completion of my studies in 2010, I have been working in a private clinic in Jaffa, two anthroposophic schools and an counselling anthroposophic kindergartens.
I experience the bliss that results from liberation through creativity, when it is channelled to the right and healthy places. I am delighted to be able to understand children and parents through this wonderful tool and to accompany them through meaningful and intimate processes.
As an artist I feel at one with my own artistic work, expanding and sharing myself more openly and sincerely with my surroundings.
I feel blessed with all of this and thank you for having enabled me to fulfil myself so fully.

Vanessa Snaith (Australia)
The training has stood me well over here in Oz where I can’t keep up with just how thirsty people seem to be for the artistic work which is wonderful. I’ve also had quite a renaissance with my own painting, which was an unexpected outcome of the course….. I just can’t stop now….. forming those habits of having painting projects constantly seems to have set up an ever perpetuating need for the paint brush (or I find myself feeling less than human!) So Tobias and your teaching has certainly opened up and enhanced my life. During my training I especially appreciated the open and creative way tutors and courses at Tobias supported me in beginning to find my own identity as a therapeutic practitioner.

Hannah Simon (United Kingdom originally from Japan)
Thank you very much that you have looked after me so well. I always felt I was supported. It’s been wonderful and amazing journey in this four years at Tobias, and I was really lucky that I could complete it at last.

Barbara Asmal (United Kingdom)
My cohort was a diverse group of students from all over the world drawn together by a common interest. Tobias offered great riches both in the content of the courses and the teachers. The study of Rudolf Steiner`s lectures was at the heart of it then . Some highlights for me ….. apart from the joy of being able to “play” and create with colour nearly every day……. were chipping away at a stone carving, working with clay and getting an insight into eurythmy, speech and counselling skills. Personal projects helped us to get to know one another more deeply and I have fond memories of the social element ……. coffee and biscuits in the courtyard and celebrating the Festivals.

Gerd Eve Thoresen (Norway)
I found the course at Tobias school inspiring and helpful for working with children that have different needs, also combined with other curative work with the children.

Cheri Munske (United States of America)
In addition to painting, drawing and sculpture, I offer individuals and groups other therapeutic expressive arts such as puppetry, storytelling, and writing. This work is deeply fulfilling for me, and it is ever a privilege to share this journey into the soul with another human being. I am very grateful to Tobias for giving me the tools and confidence to work in this realm.

John Playfoot (England)
I only spent a year in Tobias but it was a year that gave me seeds for much of my future working. I had already studied in a conventional art training as well as working with Beppa Assenza in Dornach. On leaving Tobias I travelled through the US and Europe to see what initiatives and possibilities there were in art therapy. Two months later on my return I was offered a full time position in a residential clinic in the UK where I worked for the next eighteen years.

Sheila Mackay: (England)
I was part of the first modular course at Tobias. There was something very social and supportive about our group – we came from around the globe and our birthdays circled the zodiac. Our twice yearly meetings at Tobias were very intense, hard work, and enriching, and they stand out as a very special time in my life. Good friends were made.

Anni D’Agostino (Scotland)
I graduated with the Modular group in 2005 and have since continued and developed the work I began in 2002 working individually with pupils with special needs at Camphill School in Aberdeen.
During my training I especially appreciated the open and creative way tutors and courses at Tobias supported me in beginning to find my own identity as a therapeutic practitioner.
I work with 14 pupils a week; many have features of Autism and Asperger’s syndrome. Some live with anxieties, obsessions, ADHD, challenging behavior and many with difficult family histories.