Transpersonal Arts in Therapy Training – Level 7 (Modular / Part Time)

Transpersonal Arts in Therapy Training
City and Guilds Level 7 Award (MCGI)

The next start for the Modular version will begin March 2021.

The Modular/Part Time training involves being at Tobias for 8 intensive 2 week modules per year. This version of our training is ideally suited to students residing outside of the UK but is also suited to students who have work commitments and are happy to commute from within the UK.

Deadline for application to join the the next Modular Course is January 2021



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Sand PlayAbout the Training

Transpersonal Arts in Therapy Training is a professional training, academically accredited by the City & Guilds at Level 7, Membership Level, (Masters equivalent).

Our transpersonal approach respects and encompasses historical/traditional culture and multi-cultural perspectives on body, soul and spirit. The programme consists of perspectives on human development, which derive from anthroposophical traditions as well as from contemporary psychology and psychiatry and these are explored through various themes in the training. Themes are delivered in modules. All modules include art making, lectures, individual and group experiential work and seminars.

Tobias School of Art and Therapy is a United Kingdom Border Agency Tier 4 Sponsor under the points based system.

We are a member of the European Academy for Anthroposophical Art Therapy whose primary aim is to monitor quality assurance and standards of training, research and development. The Medical Section of the Goetheanum/Free University of Spiritual Science (Dornach, Switzerland) recognises the European Academy as an instrument of regulation and quality assurance for Anthroposophic Art Therapy Trainings.

This award does not lead to registration as an Art Therapist with Health and Care Professions Council in Britain. Those wishing to practice in the UK will need to practice under a different title (Transpersonal Arts Counsellor or Therapeutic Arts Practitioner) unless already registered. Our graduates are eligible to apply for registration with the Council for Anthroposophical Health and Social Care (CAHSC). CAHSC is the formal registry for Anthroposophical medicine.

Eligible graduates can now apply to the BACP for Individual Membership.


Core Model


Our training is grounded in Transpersonal Arts practice. Image making activities and dialogue provide a sound and coherent foundation for therapeutic practice. Imagination is cultivated as a path of knowledge which, combined with critical thinking, deepens and enriches our relationship to the very source of creativity and transformative practice. The programme focus is on deepening the student’s proficiency in engaging with such processes through art and the human encounter for healing, personal growth, and social change. Counselling is developed as an art, the conscious art of transformative meeting. Further Details Here

For more detailed and specific module descriptions contact us.


Aims of the Training:

The training aims to provide an artistic and therapeutic learning process that provides the necessary skills, knowledge, theoretical understanding and practical competencies for a successful career as a therapeutic practitioner. We believe that the programme is unique in both its content and methods of delivery. Much of the learning is experiential; theory is taught and embedded through artistic practice and group processes. The teaching emphasises the development of intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual awareness. Further Details Here.


Teaching and Learning Methods:

The Transpersonal Arts in Therapy training provides a practical exploration where each subject taught is addressed with head, heart and hand. For more information about our Teaching and Learning Methods click here.



Intensive support

Students can expect intensive support not only during the periods they are attending courses but also during phases of self-study. Virtual tutorials are conducted which serves as a useful tool for distance learners.




Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

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Students with Disabilities

Students from outside Europe

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It is advised that prospective students do not book accommodation or make travel plans until you have been formally accepted and the deadline date for applications has passed. Tobias School of Art and Therapy will not be held responsible for costs incurred should there be a change of circumstance.

If you have any further questions, again, please do not hesitate to contact us.


How to apply

Download the Application pack as:
Microsoft Word document
PDF file

A detailed prospectus can be sent to you upon request, please use the ‘Contact Us‘ form below.


If you are interested in applying for the Transpersonal Arts in Therapy Course either on our next Modular course or Full Time from September, please get in touch by emailing