Transpersonal Arts for Health & Wellbeing – (full time)

Hauschka colour series
Tobias School of Art and Therapy. 2014

Transpersonal Arts for Health & Wellbeing

The course leads to a City & Guilds Affiliate Award Level 5. It is also the first year of our City & Guilds MCGI Level 7 (Masters Equiv.) training in Transpersonal Arts in Therapy.This qualification enables you to run art groups in health, educational or social contexts, with the aim of promoting health and wellness, such as an art group to combat stress, pain management, dementia, reminiscence, transition groups for children, or to promote concentration, etc.


The next start for the full-time course will begin September 2018.

The Full Time training duration is one year
Monday and Tuesday 09:30-17:00 with one week long course each term.



September 2017 – July 2018


About the Training

This year aims to explore the Transpersonal in the personal and relational context and as part of the creative process.

It will increase awareness and understanding of the Transpersonal to allow a conscious inclusion and use of it in the creative and therapeutic process for the enhancement of health and wellbeing in ourselves, our environment and community.

The most fascinating aspect of this course is the gradual and surprising discovery of the sources of health in the worlds near and far from nature to the stars…
The course promotes the development of artistic skills and aesthetic awareness in such a way that artistic processes become gateways into nature’s life-giving secrets. Through the re-imagination of a living cosmos we challenge the one-sided notions of an inanimate universe.

We entertain the companionship of the plant and animal world, of the earth, air, fire and water as we work with artistic media that are imbued with the qualities of the elements, e.g. watercolour, pastels, charcoal, clay, stone, etc.

Throughout the duration of the training  students are assessed for suitability for progression (if appropriate) to the Transpersonal Arts in Therapy training.  Eligible students are then invited  onto this training and can either accept this offer or defer it until a later date.


Features of the course:

Learning about Special Needs at Tobias School of Art and Therapy. March 2015

• Vocational training
• Reflection on the artistic process
• Intensive support
• Group discussions
• Class and individual tutoring
• Work practice and placements
• Artistic activities, project work, presentations, lectures, seminars and small tutor groups which allow for intensive and effective dialogue
• Preparation for and reflection on practical work


Integrated approach

Our programme develops the artist’s awareness of the transformative power of artistic processes. Ours is an understanding that natural, organic processes are filled with spiritual wisdom. The programme’s focus is on deepening the student’s proficiency in engaging with processes through art and the human encounter for healing, personal growth and social change. Counselling is developed as an art, the conscious art of transformative meeting.

The shared orientation of the programme at Tobias is the developmental philosophy founded by Rudolf Steiner, known as Anthroposophy, a modern spiritual path that respects the freedom of each individual, through a holistic understanding of body, soul and spirit. Students are invited to explore this approach in order to come to their own judgements about its validity and relevance. This is taught within a critical context including Psychodynamic and Humanistic theory and practice. We encourage students to take an active interest in contemporary movements in the field of art, therapy and art therapy and to make a comparative study of the different approaches.

Intensive support

Students can expect intensive support not only during the periods they are attending courses but also during phases of self-study. Virtual tutorials are conducted which serves as a useful tool for distance learners.

The importance given to practical relevance

We lay great emphasis on the importance of practical relevance and the transfer of the knowledge acquired to the given field of practice in art and art therapy. Conducting workshops (including abroad) are an integral part of the course. The preparatory work, both in terms of methods and content, is undertaken with the help of professional staff.


Tobias SculptureThe integration of counselling and art therapy

Art therapy and counselling is integrated into all the courses and the theory is always followed up by practical and artistic exercises. This ensures that theory and practice are closely linked, and forms a solid basis for communication between the future therapists and other health and social care professionals.

The student is trained in Visual Arts and is able to make proficient use of artistic techniques, exercises and materials. The student can adapt their artistic interventions to the artistic actions of groups.

• Proficiency in artistic skills;
• Knowledge of art history and receptivity to artistic inspiration;
• Ability to impartially experience, accurately observe and intersubjectively describe the art medium;
• Recognising the significance of image and sound elements in artistic work;
• Applying artistic techniques in order to express a theme in images;
• Fine-tuning artistic interventions to relevant client group.
• have an awareness of professional and ethical issues.
• be able to contribute to learning process and be self-reflexive.
• have an awareness of how their personal goals and the aims of the profession in-form each other.
• have an awareness of core issues in therapy such as the ‘use of self’.
• have an awareness of the potential of art in group work and in therapy


Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

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How to apply

Download the Application pack as:
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A detailed prospectus can be sent to you upon request, please use the ‘Contact Us‘ form below.


If you are interested in applying for the Transpersonal Arts in Therapy Course either on our next Modular course or Full Time from September, please get in touch by emailing