Transpersonal Training

The Tobias Training

The orientation of the School is based on Rudolf Steiner’s work known as Anthroposophy, a modern spiritual path that respects the freedom of each individual, through a holistic understanding of body, soul and spirit. This is taught within a critical context including Psychodynamic and Humanistic theory and practice. We provide the student with an opportunity to experience different therapeutic approaches, and to learn of and engage in various professional settings.

The study concept features a tight and continuous weave of contents from theory, practice and research.

The training is called “Transpersonal” emphasising the paradoxical and mysterious, the creative and the spiritual dimension in us, nature and society. We develop the artist’s awareness and understanding that natural, organic processes are filled with spiritual wisdom. The programme’s focus is in deepening the student’s proficiency in engaging with such processes through art and the human encounter for healing, personal growth, and social change. Counselling is developed as an art, the spiritual art of transformative meeting.